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A special birthday treat

It was a very special day on Tuesday 9th October at St William’s Lunch & Friendship Group in Bradford for Gerry Sullivan!
Gerry was 90 years young and following Holy Mass for Gerry’s intentions a party was held in the St Williams Church hall.
Gerry and his wife Marlene were joined by their two sons Paul & Matthew for the event. When Morrisons Farmers Boy section heard it was Gerry’s birthday they stepped up to mark and supplied all the savoury items for the celebration!
Friends of Gerry’s Jill & Jean made desserts for the event (and delicious they were too).
It was a wonderful way to celebrate such a special event. At the end of the party Gerry gave a little speech and thanked all those who had come and helped to make the day special. He also gave special thanks to the Catholic Care team and suggested that if anyone had a big birthday coming up they should book in for Catholic Care’s party planning services!!! A happy day.
For further information regarding the group please contact Michelle on 07739 975000. Everyone absolutely always welcome!!