Brave the Shave


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So, we’ve now been in this (lockdown) phase
For over a hundred days

As we are now more free to go out & about
I would ask, please, your germs do not tout

Although it’s still very real & scary
With some of us getting quite hairy!

I’ve decided to support Macmillan
A different charity – that doesn’t make me a villain

It’s not about being brave
My decision to have a full head shave

A colleague is joining in to give me some support
Not a full shave, but very very short

I can’t say her name (it rhymes with him)
But I’ll say it’s not Tim, or Jim, it’s ***

To give you some clarity
She’s not doing it for charity

Still worthy of admiration
And maybe an extra donation

I’m not the one who deserves applause
Just doing my bit for a worthy cause

If you really do need to applaud
Do it for those on a Cancer ward

“I’m as serious as Cancer”
When I say “rhythm is a dancer”

(Sorry, just had to use that line
It’s from a favourite song of mine!)

Hopefully by (temporarily) losing my hair
It can make others more aware

So, if you’re inclined to donate
Please don’t hesitate

Get in touch to let me know
And I’ll put the link on show