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Catholic Care Awarded Grant from Plater Trust

On Thursday 22nd February Carol Hill, Janet Kent and Beki Edwards, a social worker from the School’s Children & Family Wellbeing Service caught the train to London to receive a grant awarded by the Plater Trust for the “Safer Futures” project.

At Catholic Care we want to break the destructive cycle of domestic abuse and in September 2017 we introduced a pilot project called “Safer Futures”. This is a preventative education programme which we deliver into schools. It aims to educate children and young people about creating healthy relationships and how to avoid perpetuating the destructive cycle of domestic abuse. Based on the results of this project we applied for and were awarded the Plater Trust Grant. This grant will enable us to start a 2 year project, which we have named “Safer Together”, into schools reaching 10,000 children and young people aged 4 to 18. The outcomes of this project will focus on understanding the difference between healthy relationships, increased resilience and empowering children and young people to protect themselves from domestic abuse and any kind of abusive relationship.

The grant was presented to the team by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, who said it was the first time in the history of the Plater Trust that a grant had been awarded in the Leeds Diocese and that our application had really struck a cord with the Trustees who were very excited about it.

The Safer Together project will start to be delivered into schools across the Diocese from 1st April 2018.