Catholic Care’s Oldest Resident

In recognition of International Older People’s Day this month, our Service Manager for Older People’s Services recounts her visit to Catholic Care’s oldest resident:

I heard a familiar “come in” as I knocked on her door and found Mavis relaxing in her reclining chair, wrapped in a crotched blanket made by her own ‘young’ hands. Mavis said she had been waiting for me, eager to show me her latest purchase from a recent shopping trip with her support worker. As she proudly showed me the items she added that she had also almost finished her Christmas shopping, yes it is still only October!

Mavis, now a young lady well into her 80’s, has been cared for by Catholic Care for more than 25 years and up until a few years ago led a very independent life. She enjoyed attending various local colleges, did some part time work and in latter years loved attending a luncheon/social group. When she retired she was given a section of the back garden where she was supported to grow her own vegetables. Each evening something new was presented at the table but only after careful inspection and appreciation from her fellow residents. As the garden became a little more difficult to access a small section was developed near the back door just big enough for an herb garden. The aromas can be smelt as you walk down the path.

A real highlight for Mavis in recent years was her 70th Birthday, she saved her money so she could have afternoon tea on a barge on the canal with some friends. As a surprise Catholic Care paid for a stretch limousine so she could travel in style.

Mavis has always loved to wear nice clothes, even if she is not going out and each ensemble is always finished off with a piece of jewellery. She eagerly took part in our recent publicity shots and had her hair and makeup especially done for the occasion. She happily posed for the camera and loved the day of pampering. You would have thought she was the Queen.

Mavis has always been a frequent visitor at Head Office where she enjoys sharing her news over a cup of tea with lots of chocolate biscuits. She loves attending social events and always leaves with a bag full of snacks for her supper. During our conversation Mavis was keen to know what was going on at the Office and if we still had the paintings she had drawn hanging on the walls. “Of course” I replied.  Mavis is an exceptionally talented artist and there and then produced another picture from her collection to adorn the office walls.

Mavis was delighted when I told her she was Catholic Care’s oldest resident. She lives life at a slower pace these days but always enjoys a good chat.