Catholic Migration Forum Meeting

On 1 December Carol Hill (Director of Catholic Care) representing the Diocesan Refugee Support Group attended the Catholic Migration Forum at St George’s Cathedral in London for CBCEW.

The morning focused on the effects of Brexit and what this will mean for the UK economy and how this will impact on our society, especially the financial poor, in terms of the cost of housing, inflation and wages. How Brexit will and is effecting the political landscape of the UK and what will be the consequences of this and finally the effects of Brexit on EU migrants in the UK.

There is much uncertainty following the Brexit vote, however, regardless of which way we move forward the Church will continue its work on the following concerns:

•  Trafficking
•  Refugees
•  Freedom of movement
•  UK / Ireland relations
•  Prisoner exchanges
•  UK / EU aid
•  Employment Law
•  Bill of Rights
•  Benefits and pensions

Brexit may not have a direct impact on these issues but the politics and language which is coming out of Brexit does have a clear impact.