Donation from TK Maxx and Homesense Will Make a Real Difference

On 14th November Catholic Care received a donation from the TK Maxx and Homesense Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to support vulnerable children and young people achieve their potential within local communities across the UK and Ireland where TK Maxx and Homesense have stores. With the missions of the two charities so closely aligned the funds will make a real difference in helping Catholic Care to support children and families and people of all ages who find themselves disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised.

The £500 donation was applied for by Sylvia Namazzi, a member of staff at the Leeds Headrow TK Maxx store who has been fundraising for Catholic Care.  She said “ Catholic Care is a cause close to my heart.  The charity supported me and my children when we located from London to Leeds, helping me find school places for my children and being there in every way to support me.”

Carol Hill (Director of Catholic Care) who received the cheque on behalf of the charity confirmed that the cheque would go towards the Gianna: Baby Bank Plus Project.  She added “As with many baby banks, the charity pass on baby clothes and items to those in need.  Unlike other baby banks, Catholic Care also offers additional professional support, home visits and friendship to some families who may need that extra bit of help.”

Carol went on to explain “At Catholic Care we reach out to those in need and through our work we know that life is rarely straight forward and we recognise there are times in our lives when it is difficult to see a way through our difficulties without a little help.  We see so much hardship on a daily basis that it is heart warming to see a happy outcome in someone’s life as with Sylvia, and I am thankful that our help was a contribution to this.”

Carol thanked Sylvia so much for her thoughtful way of saying thank you to Catholic Care.