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Gardening is a great support for positive mental well being

Chris lives in Catholic Care’s supported accommodation in Leeds for people facing challenges with their mental health. He has always enjoyed gardening and grew vegetables in his parent’s garden when he was a child. Chris would dig the garden and especially looked forward to planting potatoes.

Chris now has his own allotment and once again enjoys the pleasures of gardening, in particular cultivating his vegetables. Chris and Terry (support worker) visit the allotment weekly and Chris is excellent at giving Terry advice on where to dig and what should be planted where. This year’s results have been phenomenal and Chris has enjoyed rhubarb, raspberries, apples and pears, also, lettuce, cabbage, onions and spring onions. What an achievement. Although he says the caterpillars ate his lettuce!

A real favourite of all this hard work for Chris is enjoying a burger with his own home grown onions.