Energy and bravery required in abundance

At our Leeds Children’s Home, our staff team strive to give the Young People in our care new positive experiences that will last a life time. In recent years we have continued to offer holidays and activities spanning from Camping to Euro Disney.

All holidays and activities, as well as being enjoyable, are also aimed at developing relationships for the young people through teamwork and confidence building. All young people have a say in their future holidays giving them the opportunity to choose the new experiences for themselves.

Over Easter the young people chose a weekend away in Wales where they stayed in a beautiful coastal cottage. As part of the holiday the young people took part in various activities requiring energy and bravery in abundance including going on the longest and fastest Zip Wire in the northern hemisphere, a leap not for the faint hearted!

On a lighter note the young people visited the Bouncy Caves, a large open cave filled with Trampolines.

They all returned home to Leeds tired and happy after a great weekend and the creation of some great memories.