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Intergenerational Afternoon Tea at St, John’s School, Bradford

A warm welcome awaited the guests on a cold September day for the Afternoon Tea at St. John’s Catholic Primary School in Bradford. The session has now become a regular feature on the School calendar. Each time the children arrange the entertainment for the guests as well as providing tea/cakes for them. At this session, the children asked the guests to show their artistic skills and join in a drawing activity – there were some amazing results. Some people hadn’t drawn anything for years but found the experience very relaxing. We finished off with a game of bingo led by the children together, with stand up/sit down bingo especially for the children. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all. These special days wouldn’t happen without the hard work of staff and children at St. John’s Primary and especially Mrs Sarah Kenyon, the Headteacher we thank you all and look forward to the next one!