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‘It’s never too late to learn a new skill’

At least that’s what Jim would tell you.

In April 2011 Jim, a 66yr old gentleman living in one of our supported living homes, came out of retirement and commenced an Adult Education class in ‘Cookery from around the World’.

Jim had stopped going to the ‘day provision’, provided by the local authority, a few years before and was enjoying some time to himself. When his support staff learnt of the opportunity that he could enrol on some classes at the Adult education centre in Brighouse he was delighted with the prospect. As Jim has always had an interest in cooking, spending many a day in the kitchen chatting to and assisting his support staff with meal preparation and, because of his love of food he chose cooking.

Jim gets great enjoyment out of this class, which is evident in the way his face lights up when people ask him how it is going. Jim certainly looks the part, dressed in his apron and chefs hat and quickly become engrossed in each challenge. The course involves preparing and cooking a meal and, once it’s ready to eat, the students sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labour.  Jim attends his class every Wednesday afternoon without fail and due to this commitment over the years he has been granted a place on the course each new term. It has been commented on by the staff at the centre how much Jim enjoys this class and the friendships he has made whilst attending. Staff support Jim to complete the paperwork needed for each class and he is able to describe the ingredients he has used and the tasks he has completed to cook his meal.  After each class Jim returns home keen to tell all what he has prepared that day. When asked what it was he usually replies with “Kipper’s” and after a fit of laughter tells them what he has really made.

During a recent visit by the Registered Manager Jim was asked how he was coping with the change in location of the class, Jim’s response was “I can’t wait to go back”.