Learning Disability Awareness Week for 2020 is 15 to the 19 June

…..and though it takes more than a week to raise awareness about learning disabilities this week is never the less important and even more so during these unprecedented times. It is apt that the theme of the week this year is the importance of friendships during lockdown. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all currently living in lockdown. Like so many others people with a learning disability may be feeling isolated, as they are unable to see their friends and families and unable to access their usual activities both locally and further afield.
During this week we want to show the importance of friendships to help with tackling isolation, as well as exploring the different ways of maintaining friendships during this unusual time.

So. what’s happening in Catholic Care’s homes:
– Rolling pins at the ready for the ‘Great Catholic Care bake off’. Each home will bake a cake or buns and send their pictures in to be judged.
– Thom has been on furlough for some weeks now and has been travelling around to care homes etc giving his time for free. He trained in Moscow as a music teacher and plays the accordion. He will be entertaining some of our tenants and staff in their gardens, at a social distance of course.
– With a focus on mental wellbeing one home will be doing some social distance yoga in the garden; they will be holding mindfulness sessions and mindful colouring.
– Eyes down for a full house as virtual bingo will be zoomed into a number of the homes where our keen bingo players can see their friends and play a few games.
– Our keen artists will be drawing, painting, pottering and making jewelry all of which will be shared with family members and friends, initially via FaceTime or WhatsApp until they can physically hand them out.
– The week will then end with special Father’s Day wishes being shared.