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Learning Disability Week 2020 – “From Our Home to Yours”

“From Our Home to Yours”

The staff teams in Catholic Care’s services for adults who have a learning disability have been thinking of various ways to ensure that the people they care for and support remain in contact with their families and friends. This time of year would normally be the start of holiday season for most and whilst away postcards would always be sent. Obviously, the planning of holiday has been postponed for the foreseeable future and ‘staycations’ are the only option at present. What a great idea when In one home the staff team supported each person to still send a personalised postcard showing what they have been up to at home. Each person sent a card to a loved one!.

Here is what the tenants have told their families:

This is what I have done during lockdown:

“made some lovely rainbow buns, some very nice beer bread and mowed the lawn” John told his family

“I made a lovely strawberry cheesecake and some very nice cheese scones” Graham told his family

“I made a lemon meringue pie, dis some gardening and clapped for carers every Thursday” Donald told his family

!I have been bust baking Maids of Honour” Jenifer told her family.