Learning Disability Week June 2020 – Poem

Some say we are learning disabled
But we think we are learning Enabled

It’s not about what we can’t do
But about finding ways in which we can do

At first glance you might not see
That really, we’re the same you & me

We have the same thoughts, desires and dreams
We have highs, lows and extremes

Just allow me to go at my own pace
For it’s my life, it’s not a race

I don’t need you to do things for me
Just some support to do them with me

Like Lady Gaga we were born this way
It wasn’t a choice, we didn’t have a say

Others don’t always appreciate our (mental) capacity
And that in many areas we have strength & tenacity

Before you say you don’t understand me
Spend some time getting to know me

Things have greatly improved for learning disabilities
With access to more & better facilities

From big, scary, & sometimes cruel, institutions
To new (kinder) acts & constitutions

In the word Learning you can see many other words – earning, earn, rain, ring, real, ale, ear, ran, nil, grin.

In the word Disabilities you can see many other words – abled, able, saddle, bled, said, bed, dis, sad, lead, led.

However, you won’t see ME

For I am not defined by a word
I have a voice & a right to be heard


Written & compiled by Julie Wade after 30+ privileged years working, including 20 years for Catholic Care, in Learning Disabilities.