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Paul’s Wish Comes True

Paul lives in Catholic Care’s Residential Home in Leeds and has a learning disability. His big wish was to drive a fast car! So on 24th August Paul and his friends set out for a day to remember. They headed for Elvington racetrack where’s Paul’s wish came true with his high performance car experience in a Subaru. This car was FAST and passed everyone watching in a flash of blue, however, when the car stopped and Paul emerged his face was a picture and he didn’t stop smiling all day. As luck would have it (or not depending on your view point) there was a lap “going spare” which was offered to the group. Surprisingly enough no one else was too keen to hurtle around the track at over 100 miles an hour except of course the Home’s resident dare devil, Caroline. She of course jumped at the chance and she could be heard screaming with delight for at least 100m down the track.

Always wanting to make the most of every day it was Frank’s turn next. Frank wanted to visit the Yorkshire Air Museum which just so happened to be right next door and his wish came true when he had his picture taken next to a Spitfire.

Everyone enjoyed a picnic in glorious weather; it really was a great day out.