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St Williams Lunch Group

November was an extremely busy month for the St Williams Lunch Group with lots of new visitors.
It all started with our very own Eileen, who most of the parishioners know as “the lady in the backroom”. Well, Eileen came to tell us what she does “in the backroom”. Eileen spoke of the work that the Gianna Project do in helping new mums and their babies up to the age of one. The group were amazed by all work that goes on as they were unaware of the massive amount of community work that is involved. We held a question and answer session regarding the project and Eileen showed some photographs of the beautiful homemade items that some people send in to the project.
For further information regarding the Gianna Project please contact Eileen on 07870 274482.

At the next group session we had Trisha and of course Rosco, her beautiful dog, who is a Therapy pet. Rosco visits various hospitals and schools. Our Tuesday lunch group loved chatting to Rosco after dinner. One of his main roles is working with children who live with autism. Rosco goes into school and even listens to the children read. Trish said he’s only closed his eyes once whilst a child was reading to him, otherwise he makes a very good listener!!! Thank you to Trisha for coming in to see us and next time you come in we might have some spare sponge pudding and custard specially for Rosco!!

And last but not least we also had a visit from Carol Hill (Director of Catholic Care) and Janet Kent (Service Manager for the Schools, Children and family Wellbeing service) who were out on a visit and popped in for lunch. It was a full house that day so we didn’t have a great deal of time to chat but we enjoyed seeing some more of the Catholic Care team.

For further information please contact Michelle on 07739 975000 and remember everyone absolutely always welcome!!