Thank you to our Volunteers

During National volunteers week we champion the contribution made by our volunteers, all of whom are essential to the success of our groups, and to thank them for all they undertake within the projects they support.
Our volunteers have their own personal reasons as to why they volunteer, whether it is just by being asked by a friend who already volunteers or by wanting to “give back” but what they do have in common is they all give their time freely without compensation.
We recognise our volunteers are unique and bring their own strengths, skills and experience to our community projects making a significant difference to people’s lives. Many are local and if they don’t already know the people attending they soon do, greeting people with a smile, asking after people’s wellbeing, making all who walk through the door feel welcomed, respecting people’s differences and experiences and always with a listening ear.
We couldn’t do what we do without them and so it is, throughout the year, we are celebrating them.