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TRUSTEES ON TOUR –Such an inspiring and happy day!

Thanks to Chauffeur Carol [Director], Deacon Joe Cortis, Maureen Fletcher and myself had the privilege of visiting two more homes and a Catholic Care play group.

We enjoyed a great Normanton welcome and coffee as we visited the Stay and Play group held in St John the Baptist Parish Hall. We had time for lots of chat with the 3 tremendously loyal and valued volunteers: Margaret, Maureen and Sandra, and with Denise [Social Worker]. Parents, Grandparents and Childminders told us they enjoyed the weekly session especially the spacious facility. The children were occupied having fun with beautifully coloured toys and a Creative [messy] table! It was good to meet Father Mark Naughton.

We sped off to Healey Wood Gardens, Brighouse where we were greeted by Jim a tenant, who warmly invited us in to his lovely home. Love and respect resounded in the beautiful calm and lively homely place. Then Jim, Pauline, Dean and Christopher, [4 out of 5 tenants at home] shared a scrumptious buffet lunch with us. They were attentive and caring to each other and ourselves and very relaxed in their chat about the activities and classes they attended especially Cookery! Thank you for the guided tour especially Christopher’s 5 star en suite accommodation. The smiling faces are a lovely memory and huge Congratulations go to Marie and Noreen who are so much more than “Care and Love knows no measure”.

Our next stop at Westhaven, Dewsbury, included the very, very special opportunity to see Mavis on her 90th birthday – such an amazing lady! Despite interrupting her after lunch nap, Mavis happily posed for photos in her balloon festooned room which was ready for the impending family party at the weekend. As, Alison [Residential care Worker] showed us round Westhaven, we were entertained en route by John who played impromptu guitar and keyboards. Back in the Kitchen, John made all the teas and coffees to order. It was great to hear from Pauline, and Grahame about past individual holidays and those about to happen, each resident choosing their own favourite venue. Sorry to miss Donald who was out at his class. Westhaven has so many lovely routine ideas including, residents in turn choosing the evening meal menu which keeps the staff on their toes!!! On the day we visited Mavis had chosen the Birthday menu -salmon, new potatoes and cauliflower-a great choice for such a Special occasion—-See you next year !!   –  Sue Rix