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We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Summer has arrived, by date if not by the seasonal weather, and at Catholic Care we are busy supporting the people we care for to enjoy their holidays.

On 6th May the three people we care for and support in our supported living home for adults with a learning disability in Skipton set off on their mini adventure to Butlins, Skegness. They were so excited, the weather was not great but they did not allow this to dampen their spirits.

Kaiwan excelled in his dancing skills, and once on the stage he stole the show. Kathryn managed to beat Matt (Catholic Care’s Senior Support Worker) in a game of pool. It was since discovered that her Dad would bring her to the working mens club in Skipton on a regular basis where she learned to be a fab player. David was a bit more reserved and probably enjoyed his days and evenings dining out. It was difficult to control his laughter at times.

They all excelled in bowling and found it very amusing when staff would miss the skittles. Once again, they had fantastic accommodation. On their return the staff team commented “we as a team know in our heart of hearts they would go back again tomorrow given the chance.”